This project was made possible by the Jennifer Blocksidge Award,
received whilst studying at QUT ACTING

This online resource was made possible by ‘The Jennifer Blocksidge Memorial Scholarship’ ; an award that tasks it’s recipient with ‘the creation of a resource that benefits the wider acting community’. I give my heartfelt thanks to Jonathan Blocksidge  and the rest of the Blocksidge family for their generosity in establishing and promoting this award. I love that the recognition of such an award shows faith and insistence in the fact that a young aspiring actor has the capacity within themselves to make a real and tangible difference within the industry they are about to enter into. More importantly, it would become the first resource for Australian actors that would focus specifically on industry longevity and the ability to maintain a healthy and unjaded creative work ethic in a workplace fraught with rejection, unemployment and limited opportunities. In this sense, the creation of The Long Haul aims to genuinely honour and consolidate the Blocksidge legacy by encouraging all actors to ‘walk right on this earth’ by inspiring both themselves and other actors towards a higher creative integrity

It may sound trite, but The Long Haul would never have been possible without the investment of some of the most passionate, talented and knowledgeable people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Some have been close mates and others first time acquaintances. These are the people who have cared enough about YOU and this material to  graciously give up their day to vet and contribute to this expansive resource. Some of these people I had already met on previous occasions and were more than happy to permit me to pass on their incredible mentorship. I owe the quality and passion of this material to the generosity of these organisations and colleagues:    

The Many Casting Directors, Agencies and Management Teams

The Many Producers, Directors and Film & Stage Professionals






QUT Acting Alumni and Support Group

EQUITY Magazine

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The Equity Foundation

The Blocksidge Family

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