This project is the culmination of 4 years-worth of research, interviews, reading, writing and, most crucially, living out all things to do with the life of a graduate actor. I have scoured the literature bases, read literally hundreds of books and articles, reviewed hours of footage and interviewed many real-world professionals who are all out there every day in the trenches of the industry. I have written, re-written, screwed up and binned and then re-written again every section of this site to
articulate the facts truthfully and humanly. I have sifted every grain of detail out of my notes that claimed to provide insight into the maintenance of a creative work ethic. And then at the completion of all of that, I vetted it all with the help of trusted industry mentors, figureheads and professional psychologists. We enshrined the gold that was PRAGMATIC and LIVEABLE.

So, here it is. The result of that long, convoluted process. After…

Over 4 years of project work

Tens of thousands of words typed and re-typed

Over 30 drafts and revisions

5 proofreading sessions

3 hard drive crashes

3 laptops

Innumerable messages, calls and emails

Over 150 interviews in 3 states and 4 countries.

The birth of my 2 kids

and many MAAAAAAAAAAANY long blacks…

Australia’s number one career-longevity resource for all actors –

By landing here, you have already made a mighty first step in forging a life rich in creativity, a higher-quality of mental health and genuine long-term joy in the craft of acting. All of this DESPITE the fact that your chosen industry is fraught with rejection, bitterness and cynicism. Let me show you where I’m going with all of this rah-rah motivational stuff.

This web-based resource is divided into three main sections with smaller sections in each:

Section 1 ARRIVING THERE: Beginning the Long Haul‘ : Deals with the most immediate challenges, changes and habits you will experience and instigate across your transition from a graduate to a professional.

Section 2  BEING THERE: Gaining the Foot Hold‘: Finally, here are a lot of the previously ‘unwritten laws’ about respecting the roles of other industry professionals and creating a professional approach to your work.

Section 3 STAYING THERE: Living the Long Haul : The heart and soul of this resource, chock-full of solid tactics to create excellent foundations for your long-term mental health as you progress through the inevitable highs and lows of a life in acting. The words written here have been developed in consultation with professional psychologists as well as your industry peers, so you are in good hands.

The way this resource works is simple. I realised that some of you would be avid readers and others wouldn’t read a book if I paid you. Therefore, I’ve tried to create a format that suits both types. The first chunk of each ‘bit’ (cheers, Stanislavski) deals with the larger points where I rattle on (read: wax lyrical) about the bigger themes for a bit. After that, there will be some smaller, but nevertheless, important points in nice, neat and succinct little lists called ‘Long Haul Life Savers’. In this way, you are provided with two options: (a) Get to grips with the content of more substantial issues OR (b)  Skim through some more digest-sized points.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll about, click around and read as little or as much as you wish. There’s gold in them thar pages! Yaaaaaaarrrghrhr!