Some people told me they liked this, so I thought I’d put up some of the nice things they said:

A friendly, approachable and eminently sensible resource… A tremendous achievement.

Dr. Tiffany Lyndall-Knight (Actor & Director)

A fantastic resource that effectively treads the fine line between encouraging empowerment and hard-line honesty… There was a real need for this; I will be recommending it far and wide.

Kimberley Uljarevic (Director of School to Stage Creative Arts.)

Every young actor should be relieved to have these words- they speak the unspeakable and the practical. Thank you. Every actor needs this!

Dianne Eden OAM (Adjunct Associate Professor QUT)

A friendly and detailed guide to the journey of an actor. Learn from the artists who have trod the path before you. Actors of all experience levels will get so much from this!

Peter Rasmussen (Casting Director)

A practical insight into the day-to-day proclivities and ethics actors need to remain in touch with their industry, positive, driven and, most importantly, HUMBLE. The most comprehensive and learned database of proactive advice and encouragement to do with the arts that I have ever read… Fantastic!

Marcus Vanco (Actor)

The Long Haul is an exquisitely curated resource. It has been written with a deep care for the reader, a care which permeates every chapter. If I had had this collected wisdom at my fingertips when I graduated it would’ve saved me a lot of heartache and pain. Four years into a career it still offers me a myriad of pertinent advice.
It is a springboard into the industry – while others bellyflop, you can dive in with grace. The dedicated actor can not ignore it.

Jasper Foley (Actor)

Sh*t I should have done a looooooong time ago.

Sophie Cox (Actress)

I am sure that many, many actors will take solace in reading this as their careers shift, change direction, grow, stagnate and grow again. Cheeky, cheery and clear.

Dr Margi Brown Ash (Multi-award winning theatre maker, educator, therapist, and coach)

Workplace burnout and disillusionment is epidemic in this anxious age, especially among actors. The Long Haul Guy offers us timely, witty and wise advice, navigating between the Scylla of prideful success and the Charybdis of self-loathing, agent-less unemployment.

Dr. David Benson (Professor of Practical Theology and Director of the Malyon College Workplace Centre)

This is incredible. What a vital and truly necessary resource for anyone working in our unpredictable industry.

Sara Wiseman (Actress)

Throughout my career the best things I’ve ever learnt were from my elder peers. Who better to guide down the rocky road of an acting career than those who have already walked it! The Long Haul has a wealth of knowledge and advice I would have eagerly devoured early in my career. What a wonderful resource and place to visit and help along the way.

Gyton Grantley (Actor)

The Long Haul guy has really done it! This whole body of work sent shivers of reality and joy up and down my spine. This truly is a simple and realistic step-by-step guide in the madness of the acting world. From casting to agents to those long nights contemplating a career as a truck driver (I’ve had many). The Long Haul makes us little acting nerds feel like we aren’t alone and we can make it! Thankyou Long Haul Guy. I will be sleeping with this under my pillow from now on.

Sophie Dillman (Actress)

This website is so wonderful, as a creative and practical resource. This industry can seem so big and daunting sometimes- ESPECIALLY when you’re starting out like me. The Long Haul manages to answer the big scary questions we are sometimes to afraid to ask. Get around it, comrades.

Zoe Terakes (Actress)

This is like asking all your friends for advice and having the most honest and applicable answers summarised in one place. The Long Haul is like a beacon in the dark: a comprehensive, clear and compassionate resource for all aspiring actors. Look at it, then follow it.

Felix Johnson (Actor)

An informative, relevant, encompassing and inspiring toolkit.

Lasarus Ratuere (Actor)

The Long Haul is like a listening to hundreds of honest conversations between actors about the ‘real’ job of surviving a career in this country. It’s the ‘advice from friends’ you wish you had before you started working… and not working.

Liz Buchanan (Actress)