I got an offer! Should I sign up straight away in case they withdraw it?

No. This decision deserves time, so don’t rush it. Short of actually tying the knot, it’s about as close as you’ll ever get to a marriage (less the jewellery and reception bill).

However, be wary of any individual pressuring you into making a quick decision. This is highly manipulative and a very questionable approach. If someone is:

(A) Excessively pressuring you multiple times a day regarding your decision


(B) Threatening to withdraw an offer suspiciously soon after they originally made it

… I’d run a mile. You deserve better than that.

Decent agencies will give you the time you need. Just don’t be running away to a Tibetan monastery for 2 months to silently meditate on their offer and all its philosophical ramifications. They are working professionals and deserve a timely response.

So, should you go with XYZ Agency? Neither I nor anybody else can answer that for you.

For all your research, questions and due diligence, it will ALWAYS be a gut decision. However, there are two key questions which I’ve developed with the assistance of many professional actors which can help you make that choice.

Remember back to your interview and ask yourself:

(1) Am I going to be able to talk to this person without feeling like I’m wasting their time? (2) Do I see this person championing me even during my downtimes and worst days?

(3) Do I see this agency sticking with me across the highs and the lows of an entire career?

If you get a resounding yes to both of these, this is an agency that wants to be around for the long haul and they are definitely worth considering. If you’re fortunate enough to receive multiple offers from several different agencies, it will be a matter of asking these same two questions and choosing the agency who you got on with the best. Use that gut judgement. It will never lie.