It is tempting in The Biz to become so ultra-proactive or obsessive over potential problems that we start over-managing ourselves. This is a work vs. life imbalance that exists at the polar opposite end of ‘The Lazy Actor’. It normally makes itself apparent through the voice of the inner critic. You know, the one who likes to pop up at the worst possible times saying “You’re a fraud” or “That was nowhere near good enough”. Likewise, it can wheedle its way into your head after a massive week and gripe:

You haven’t done anywhere near enough today to consider yourself a professional! Finishing 2 full-length plays, editing 4 feature films and going through 6 hours of vocal work ain’t ever going to cut it. Also, you’re fat.   

It comes down to being honest. Assess yourself honestly in regards to where you are vs. where you need to be across all your daily, weekly and yearly artistic goals. Remember that golden S.M.A.R.T acronym from the goal-setting section? The ‘R’  stands for REALISTIC. A working day must still have down-time. You are not a machine and deserve some time away from the work that you do (see the section below about Developing a Hinterland). One of my interviewees put it best:

In each day find something which makes you feel happy just because it’s for you and nothing else. It’s not for ‘future-me’ it’s for ‘present me’.